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Blanket - Acrylic

Blanket - Acrylic
IDR 168,000
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IndoLinen's Blanket is a wide piece of one sided cloth, made of 100% acrylic fabric. This gorgeus maple blanket comes in a choice of small and large sizes of your bed.

Size: Single - 150 cm x 200 cm

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Item Name Blanket - Acrylic
Code Item ID1205
Color Maple
Size 150 x 200 cm
Weight 1,685 gram
Thread Count
Fabric 100% Acrylic
Pattern 1-side
Style Single
Warranty n/a

IndoLinen's Blanket is a wide piece of thick cloth, made of 100% acrylic fabric. It's intended to keep you warm and comfort especially while you're sleeping or lying down. This gorgeus camel blanket comes in a choice of small and large sizes of your bed, and is available in two different thicknesses.

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