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Fitted Sheet - White

Fitted Sheet - White
IDR 242,000
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This fitted sheet has rubbers on every corner to help you inserting the sheets easier. It is made from white 100% Cotton with 300 'thread count' (TC-300) in 3 cm vertical stripes pattern.

The size is 120x200x30 cm, which is best suit to double size bed with 30 cm height (120x200x30 cm).

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Item Name Fitted Sheet - White
Code Item FITT000582
Color White
Size 120x200x30 cm
Weight 670 gram
Thread Count TC-300
Fabric 100% Cotton
Pattern Stripe 3cm
Bed Size Double
Warranty n/a

IndoLinen's fitted sheets cover your beds smoothly and neatly. The rubbers on every corner help us to insert the sheets easier. Each size is made in the same size of standard bed, which makes the sheet fits properly into the bed. IndoLinen's fitted sheets are crafted from finest cotton for long lasting use and will effortlessly provide a comfort place to rest on.

IndoLinen's fitted sheets come in colored TC-180 and in white colored TC-200, TC-300, and TC-500. Also available in patterns for TC-300.

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